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Patience, Patience

September 3rd, 2009

The words keep going in my head while I’m trading.  With the limited time to trade that I have, I open a chart and really want to dive right into a trade.  Majority of the time, when I ignore that voice in my head telling me to wait, the trade goes against me. Why?


Let the trades come to you.

I’m sure you’ve heard it before.  I know with the courses I’ve taken it’s one of the most repeated phrases (there are others I’ll talk about later as well).  Yet the excitement of the market just draws me.  I want to make my money…NOW!!  Instead, I wind up giving it to someone else who probably listened to those wise words.

There’s probably a few hundred good plans out there and more that are not so good. It’s easy for me to think that after 3–4 years of part time floundering in the Forex market that the trade I’m about to make should go exactly as I thought. Of course time was not taken to appropriately gauge the market, see if the market is giving me the correct signals…matter or fact, in a rush it seems I lost sight of my methodology! 

So there’s the lesson I’ve learned in these slower summer months.  Thanks for everyone’s patience in my updates over the last few months.  Those that are still on board here have probably realized how important patience is.  And for those that are still having trades go against them, loosing more than gaining, a bit of rock solid advice: Pick a good system, study it, learn it, study it, watch the charts and wait. It will come to you.

Thanks for your patience. I’ve learned the importance and I hope others do as well.

Coming up I’ll be commenting on some courses that have been extremely helpful to me.  Courses from real people that are making real money.  More on that in a while. In the meantime, patience.